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  • Scott in Issaquah, WA
  • Richard in Tibbetts Station / Sammamish, WA
  • Bonnie in Issaquah, WA
  • Jodi and Jonathan in Issaquah, WA
  • John and Linda in Issaquah, WA
  • Karen in Sammamish, WA
  • Karole and Tim in Sammamish, WA
  • Patrick in Sammamish, WA
  • Eval in Sammamish, WA
  • Cindy in Sammamish, WA


"Michael, Thank you for doing such a quality job of cleaning our carpets. If you keep working this hard, you should live to be 100! It is so uncommon in this "Whiner" Society to see someone take such pride in his work. Thanks!"
Scott - Issaquah, WA
"Dear Tibbett's Neighbors: I recently had an excellent experience with Michael's Professional Carpet Clearing who cleaned all the carpets in my home. Our carpets are 18 years old. We have two dogs and three children. We had stains on our carpets that were being researched by the University of Washington for their ability to resist all manner of solvents! Michael is meticulous, shows up on time, and works fast. He understands the "science" of cleaning carpets... leaves no soap residue and uses a variety of environmentally safe solvents to target specific stains. He is careful in the home and can be trusted to safeguard painted surfaces, baseboards, furniture and such. My carpets look like new and I am a very happy customer. We get all manner of folks in Tibbetts trying to sell a variety of services-it's great to find a company that really does what they say they will do. I highly recommend Mike (he's not paying me for this!)... he just knows how to clean carpets!"
Richard in Tibbetts Station - Sammamish, WA
"We were going to replace the carpets in two rooms at an estimated cost of at least $1,500.00. When Mike Montgomery finished with these two rooms, the carpets looked like new. The only word that can describe our evaluation was "incredible". He removed stains that we thought were permanent. Well worth the price. Thanks Mike! Simply put excellent service with incredible results. I still cannot believe the quality of his finished product. Thanks again!
Bonnie in Issaquah, WA
Carpet looks GREAT! We're very pleased. THANK YOU! We'll give you a call if we need a touch up.
Jodi and Jonathan - Issaquah, WA
"Thank you so very much, Mike, for working so hard to clean our filthy carpet. Your attention to detail is outstanding!"
Thanks again,
John and Linda - Issaquah, WA
We have a new puppy at our house, and thus have a few pet stains. Of course, I worried that they would not come out of the carpet. But, true to his words, Michael was able to clean every stain. The best part was that the carpet was beautiful and soft when he finished. I had him clean our stairs as well, and they turned out gorgeous. Leaving his fans for us to use until it dried was much appreciated. Michael worked really hard to get everything just right. I am very happy with his work and our "like new" clean carpets!
"After seeing Mike clean my neighbor's carpets several times, and seeing how meticulous he cleaned his equipment, I decided to give him a try. Having two kids and three dogs I usually clean my carpets every six (6) months or so, and was of the opinion that truck mount extraction systems were the best. After Mike cleaned our carpets, however, we were all happily amazed at how fluffy and clean they were. Everything he told us about his unique and superior portable equipment was true. We will gladly use him in the future!" Mike is very honest and a kind man to work with. I can't say how happy we are! Thanks a million, Mike.
Karole & Tim - Sammamish, WA
"I have known Mike for over four (4) years and have been well aware of his integrity and reputation for excellence in carpet cleaning. In October 2009, I approached Mike about cleaning a rental unit which had been trashed beyond anything I've ever seen. Mike assured me that he could clean and restore it well enough to pass inspection saving me the expense of purchasing a new carpet. To my great delight the carpet looked almost like new when he finished and the carpet passed inspection with flying colors. Even the stains I never believed could be cleaned came out. I highly recommend his service." Patrick - Sammamish, WA
"I considered replacing my high quality, woolen, but 18 year old, carpets. At second thought I consulted with Mike Montgomery. He assured me that he could make the carpets not only totally clean, but restoring them as well. Mike was so thorough, that my carpets look brand new. Spots that I worried about disappeared. For the ones that may wick back, Mike's come-back policy can assure you of a satisfying job." Eva - Sammamish, WA
"Dear Mike,

Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did on my carpets and area rugs. I have never seen them look so beautiful!!

I would recommend you to any person who wants more than what all of the commercial carpet cleaners do. I have used those guys before and were never pleased with their work.

You pay attention to detail and care so much about what you do. ..."

Cindy - Sammamish, WA